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Two multistep extractions were achieved on porcine aortic tissues to obtain acellular matrices used for cardiac bioprostheses. The evaluation of structural modifications and the possible damage of extracellular matrix fibrous proteins were investigated by means of thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Protein-water(More)
The high temperature dielectric relaxations of purified and elastolized ligamentum nuchae elastin in the dry state have been investigated by thermally stimulated depolarization current spectrometry, with an equivalent frequency comprised between 10(-2) and 10(-3) Hz. A main relaxation mode, located close to 150 degrees C and attributed to the dielectric(More)
The low temperature dielectric relaxation of porcine aortic valves and its main macromolecular proteins. i.e. elastin and collagen, have been investigated in the dry state and at low levels of hydration by thermally stimulated currents spectrometry, with an equivalent frequency of 10(-3) Hz. Two secondary relaxation modes, labeled gamma and beta with(More)
Porcine aortic valves used as cardiac valve bioprostheses are well adapted to physiological functions in the short term, but they lack long-term durability. Several multi-step extractions have been performed to obtain a perfectly acellular matrix. A new physical methodology is proposed to evaluate the resulting fibrous protein damage after biochemical(More)
We study several-matrix models and show that when the potential is convex and a small perturbation of the Gaussian potential, the first order correction to the free energy can be expressed as a generating function for the enumeration of maps of genus one. In order to do that, we prove a central limit theorem for traces of words of the weakly interacting(More)
OBJECTIVE Compact Dry TC, a rapid method kit for determining aerobic colony counts, has been developed by Nissui Pharmaceutical Co. for food application. These plates are pre-sterilized and contain culture medium, a cold-soluble gelling agent and a colour redox indicator for rapid enumeration. In this study, the alternative method is compared with the(More)
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