E. Martinez

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PURPOSE This pilot study was designed to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of the gemcitabine/vinorelbine combination in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who had failed cisplatin-based first-line chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eligible patients had refractory or resistant NSCLC, WHO performance status 0-2, adequate hematologic parameters(More)
This article presents a solution to pH control based on model-free intelligent control (MFIC) using reinforcement learning. This control technique is proposed because the algorithm gives a general solution for acid-base system, yet simple enough for its implementation in existing control hardware. In standard reinforcement learning, the interaction between(More)
Ab ract – MFIC (Model-Free Intelligent Control) is a technique, based on Reinforcement Learning, previously proposed by the authors to control processes without needing a precalculated model. In standard reinforcement learning algorithms (including MFIC), the interaction between an agent and the environment is based on a fixed time scale: during learning,(More)
This paper proposes a technique to design controllers for systems with constrained incremental control and input-output constraints called model-free learning control (MFLC). MFLC, which is based on reinforcement learning algorithms, is a simple approach without needing precise detailed information of the system. MFLC is proposed for process control, which(More)
This paper presents the application of Reinforcement to nonlinear process control. Reinforcement Learning is a model-free technique based on online learning without supervision, with the objective of optimizing a cumulative future reward by resorting to experimentation with the system. The One-step-ahead Q-learning look-up table of reinforcement Learning(More)