E Martínez-Conde

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Lindane (gamma-HCH), a multipurpose organochlorine pesticide, was administered to Rattus norvegicus at acute and subchronic dosages. The dosage given was half that corresponding to LD50 (half the lethal dose). For rats, this is 60 mg/kg of body weight. The acute dose was administered on a single occasion, while the subchronic dosage was administered on 10(More)
The effect produced by gonadectomy on homovanillic acid (HVA) levels in three regions of male and female rat brain during the postnatal period has been studied. In all areas, the HVA levels rise in gonadectomized rats when they are compared with the controls in the first period, but later these levels decrease with respect to the control rats. When female(More)
There were two groups of rats: one was injected with testosterone propionate (10 mg/kg) every 7 days starting from weaning (23 days old); the other group had gonadectomy on the same day. The levels of 5-HT and 5-HIAA were measured by spectrofluorometry. The concentrations of 5-HT in the diencephalon of the testosterone propionate injected rats decreased(More)
A spectrofluorometric method to determine 5-HT and 5-HIAA in rat diencephalon has been developed, following the criterion of unifying the methodology in determining biogenic amines and their metabolites. Linearity in the method remains in the interval between 0.01 microgram and 0.05 microgram. Recovery is about 70% for amine and about 80% for the(More)
Tissue lead data are presented for populations of feral pigeons (Columba livia) from three locations in Madrid (Spain). The lead present in the lungs and digestive tract of pigeons increased progressively with traffic density and in parallel with atmospheric and ground lead values. The contribution of the respiratory route of Pb intake to the pigeons was(More)
A method for the extraction and quantification of Dopamine from small areas of rat brain has been developed. The extraction with solvents eliminates the column cromatography separations and allows the simultaneous processing of a good number of samples. Sample retrieval is quite high (70%) and very reproducible. The evaluation was made from areas with a(More)
The HVA levels in corpus striatum, limbic system and diencephalon in male and female rats during the postnatal period have been measured. The HVA levels in corpus striatum and diencephalon differed significantly when both sexes wee compared, whereas in limbic system significant differences were not found. A decrease in the levels of HVA in all areas studied(More)
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