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This paper presents the development of a new Web based LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) 3D point cloud viewer addressing mobility and portability issues arising from remote field applications by numerous multidisciplinary collaborative scientists. This new Web Browser-based 3D point cloud viewer, hereafter called 3DSYSTEK viewer, was developed and(More)
Recent advances in aerial photography enabled cadastrates of several countries to proceed to the cartography of rural areas and record existing forestry, farming yards, plane fields and registered land ownerships. Efforts are being made to expand this project to urban areas as well, where the main object of interest apart from land itself are the buildings(More)
This paper focuses on the evaluation experiment of a Virtual Reality (VR) museum. The exhibits of the VR museum are tools that are related to olive trees and olive oil. For the implementation of the experiment, we have used cognitive walkthrough enhanced with an extra phase for testing the user-friendliness and naturalness of human-computer interaction.(More)
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