E Maidenberg

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The objectives of this study were to compare continuous subjective and physiological responses of panic disorder patients and normal controls during 5% CO2 inhalation. Psychophysiological responses of panic disorder patients (n = 42) and controls (n = 25) were monitored during baseline (20 min), 5% CO2 inhalation (20 min), and recovery (20 min). The data(More)
Thirty panic disorder patients were assigned randomly to four weekly sessions of either cognitive-behavioral therapy or nondirective, supportive therapy. Dependent variables included clinician ratings, standardized self-report questionnaires, and self-monitoring. Cognitive-behavioral therapy led to significant reductions in worry about the recurrence of(More)
Ten patients with panic disorder and 10 matched control subjects were compared as to their blood pressure and heart rate during regular daily activity. Physiological responses were monitored by ambulatory recorder, and subjective reports of mood were collected. Data were analyzed controlling for activity and stress level of the subjects. Diastolic blood(More)
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