E. M. Tsirul'nikov

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Tactile thresholds were measured with the focused ultrasound in 21 healthy subjects and 30 patients with various neurological diseases. All patients in spite of the level and origin of the disorder in the tactile--conducting pathways exhibited increased thresholds which were the most evident with 0.1--1 msec stimulus duration. This method allows not only to(More)
Impulse activity of the ischiatic nerves single fibres in response to focused ultrasound stimulation of the rat hind-foot receptive fields, was studied. The receptor units were divided into low-, average- and high-threshold groups by the value of their threshold responses. No impulse activity was revealed in response to direct action of cold or warm water(More)
A comparative study of nociceptive sensitivity of the skin in 115 men (51 healthy and 64 with neurasthenia, a natural model of chronic psychoemotional stress) was undertaken with the aid of focused ultrasound. The group of patients revealed a distinct tendency for lowering of the pain threshold, weakening of adaptation to repeated presentation of a(More)
Comparative studies have been made on the neuronal activity of the midbrain auditory centers of the frog, guinea pig, rat and cat during the effect of sonic signals of various frequency, duration and intensity. It was shown that with the higher taxonomic position of the animal, the range of activating frequencies also increases, together with the increase(More)
In acute experiments on rats, studies have been made on impulse activity of single fibres of n. ischiadicus evoked by stimulation of the receptive fields of the sole by focused ultrasound. Mechanical effects were produced by rectangular ultrasonic stimuli, thermal ones--by trapezoid ones. With respect to the magnitude of a threshold response to a(More)