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During a -4 year period, 1978-1981, 310 eyes of 301 patients living in the district of the Helsinki University Central Hospital were examined for rhegmatogenous detachment of the retina. This corresponds to an annual incidence of 6.9 per 100 000 mean population. The mean age of the patients was 54.2 years, and the sex distribution corresponded with that in(More)
Estrogen and progesterone receptors (ER/PR) were measured in primary tumors and metastases of 397 breast cancer patients. Survival following mastectomy was significantly longer in patients with ER and PR positive tumors, as was survival after first recurrence. The prognostic value of ER and PR was compared with such clinical factors as disease-free interval(More)
To provide for early detection of abnormal changes in growth, we propose the monitoring of all children for changes in relative height and relative weight as indirect indicators of growth velocity. To this end we analyzed the growth of 2,156 children, as recorded by the child health surveillance services at ages 2 to 19 years. From their data we constructed(More)
In a double-blind cross-over study we compared the effects of insulin plus glibenclamide, 5 mg twice daily, with insulin plus placebo during 8-week periods on metabolic parameters in 13 non-insulin dependent diabetic (NIDDM) patients poorly controlled with insulin alone. The combination therapy improved diabetic control as assessed by fasting blood glucose(More)
The time course of body temperature (T), white blood cell count (WBC) and serum C-reactive protein (CRP) following uncomplicated open-heart surgery and the value of these three parameters in the diagnosis of postoperative infectious complications were analyzed in 153 patients. Preoperatively, all the patients had a normal T and the WBC level was under 10 X(More)
Anatomic and visual results of retinal detachment surgery were analyzed in 352 consecutive eyes operated on for rhegmatogenous type of retinal detachment in 1978-1981 at the University Eye Hospital in Helsinki. From 1978-79 to 1980-81, both the re-attachment rate and the visual results improved significantly (P less than 0.05). In the latter period, the(More)
A novel format for a growth chart is proposed to facilitate early detection of aberrant growth. Normal growth is shown as a horizontal line and any deviation from this indicates abnormal change in growth. The vertical scales show relative height (height SDS) and relative weight (% deviation of weight from the mean weight for height) directly. Weight is(More)
Oestrogen and progesterone receptor assays were performed in 286 women with primary breast cancer, and the patient group was followed up for a minimum of 24 months. Of the 263 patients belonging to clinical stages I-III and serving as the population used for calculation of disease-free interval only 1.9% received postoperative endocrine treatment and 6.5%(More)
Data on the growth of 1063 children and their parents were analysed. Of the variation in height at prepuberty about 20%, and of the final height 30-46%, were explained by the variation in parental heights; the children's own height at the age of 1.0 year increased the proportion explained to half. Two equations were developed for increasing the accuracy of(More)