E.M. (Tilli) Tansey

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This paper reports results from a detailed study of the careers of laboratory technicians in British medical research. Technicians and their contributions are very frequently missing from accounts of modern medicine, and this project is an attempt to correct that absence. The present paper focuses almost entirely on the Medical Research Council's National(More)
Clive Hood, a technician in the Physiological Laboratory, Cambridge, was interviewed in April 1995 by Dr E. M. Tansey and Dr Ann Silver, the interview being transcribed and edited by Tansey. Starting his career with the first Lord Adrian FRS, Clive also worked with Professor William Rushton FRS and Professor Fergus Campbell FRS. This is an edited extract of(More)
Sir Charles Sherrington FRS (1857–1952) was one of the most notable neurophysiologists of the twentieth century. After studies in Cambridge and London, he became a lecturer in physiology at St Thomas’s Hospital, London, then Professor of Physiology at Liverpool in 1895, and then Waynflete Professor of Physiology at Oxford (1913–35). His career focused on(More)
Thomas Graham Brown undertook seminal experiments on the neural control of locomotion between 1910 and 1915. Although elected to the Royal Society in 1927, his locomotion research was largely ignored until the 1960s when it was championed and extended by the distinguished neuroscientist, Anders Lundberg. Puzzlingly, Graham Brown’s published research stopped(More)
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