E M Schrauwen

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To induce diarrhoea and hypovolaemia, newly-weaned conventionally bred piglets (3- to 4-weeks-old), were either given secretagogues or were inoculated with enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC). Choleratoxin (n = 2), E. coli heat-labile enterotoxin (n = 2) or castor oil (n = 2) were given intragastrically or piglets were intraperitoneally injected with DL(More)
In anesthetized piglets the influence of an LD100 of Escherichia coli endotoxin (0.5 mg/kg IV, bolus injection) on several hemodynamic parameters and on survival time was studied. Endotoxin provoked a pronounced decrease in arterial pressure and cardiac output and an increase in portal venous and pulmonary arterial pressure and heart rate. Total peripheral(More)
In anaesthetized young pigs the influence of intra-arterial infusions of Substance P (SP) on mesenteric vascular resistance is studied, both before and after serotoninergic and nervous conductivity blockade by dihydroergotamine (DHE) and tetrodotoxin (TTX). SP has a strong dilator effect on pig mesenterial vessels, which is not significantly modified by DHE(More)
The superior mesenteric blood flow response to close intra-arterial infusions of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) was investigated in anesthetized pigs. Over the entire dose-range studied (0.03-30 mug.animal-1.min-1), 5-HT induced a dose dependent increase in mesenteric blood flow. Following dihydroergotamine, administered intra-arterially, the 5-HT effects were(More)
BACKGROUND Canine idiopathic immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) is associated with a high mortality, especially in the 1st 2 weeks after diagnosis despite treatment. OBJECTIVES To determine treatment outcome and identify prognostic variables in order to define areas of future research. ANIMALS One hundred forty-nine dogs with hematocrit <30% and(More)
A peripheral sensory neuropathy was diagnosed in two Border collie puppies. Neurological, electrophysiological and histopathological examinations suggested a purely sensory neuropathy with mainly distal involvement. Urinary incontinence was observed in one of the puppies and histological examination of the vagus nerve revealed degenerative changes. An(More)
Mesenteric volvulus was diagnosed in 12 dogs over a nine-year period. Each case was presented with abdominal distension and shock. Haematochezia, which is frequently reported in association with mesenteric volvulus, was present in only two of the dogs. The diagnosis, which in all cases was based on radiography, was followed by immediate treatment for shock(More)
The influence of intraarterial infusions of lysine-vasopressin and oxytocin on mesenteric vascular resistance has been studied in anaesthetized young pigs. Vasopressin provokes a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect, whereas oxytocin induces a biphasic response: a transient vasodilation, followed by a more pronounced and sustained vasoconstriction. The(More)