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This paper describes an approach to implementation of aspect-oriented programming (AOP) frameworks for C, outlines traditional AOP facilities for different programming languages, and shows how specific features of C and a build process of C programs affect AOP implementations. Next, we consider additional requirements imposed by a practical application of(More)
Up to now, single molecule fluorescence experiments were performed by dividing the time into a set of intervals and to observe the number of fluorescence photons arriving in each interval. It is obvious that the detected photons carry less information than the arrival times of the photons themselves. From the arrival times, one can still calculate the(More)
Time-resolved excitation-probe polarization measurements are performed for polymethine and squarylium dyes in ethanol and an elastopolymer of polyurethane acrylate (PUA). These molecules exhibit strong excited-state absorption in the visible, which results in reverse saturable absorption (RSA). In pump±probe experiments, we observe a strong angular(More)
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