E. M. Naumkina

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Patatin class I promoter (B33 promoter) is a tissue-specific potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) promoter expressing the patatin gene mainly in tubers. However, it can be induced in other organs by sucrose or light. We compared the activity of this promoter fused with the reporter gene during heterological expression in B33::GUS transgenic arabidopsis(More)
A methodology is developed for revealing and identifying genetically modified sources (GMSs) in plant raw material and food products obtained from it, which enables routine analyses. For optimization suitable for testing DNA, three methods of isolating it are compared: CTAB method, DNA-BioPro method with Wizard columns, and Silica M method with specific(More)
327 The degree of methylation of the tuber-specific class I patatin promoter in different organs of potato plants was estimated by restriction PCR using methyl-sensitive restriction endonuclease Aci I. It was established that the degree of methylation of these sites is different in different organs: it is minimal in tubers and maximal in roots and stems.(More)
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