E. M. N. Ekanayake

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Abstract—An expression for the average symbol error rate of M -ary coherent phase-shift-keyed (CPSK) signals for equal-gain combining (EGC) diversity reception in slow Nakagami fading channels is derived using the characteristic function method. The new expression is presented in the form of a one-fold integral. This expression adapts readily for numerical(More)
HE DISTANCE properties of continuous-phase T frequency-shift keyed (CPFSK) signals have been extensively investigated in the literature (see [ l ] and references therein.) These previous investigations have been mostly directed towards obtaining the numerical values of the minimum squared Euclidean distance (dLin) by employing various algorithms.(More)
Molecular communication (MC) has recently emerged as a novel paradigm for nano-scale communication utilizing molecules as information carriers. In diffusion-based molecular communication, the system performance is constrained by the inter-symbol-interference (ISI) caused by crossover of information carrying molecules in consecutive bits. To cope with this,(More)
In object-oriented software modeling using the Unified Modeling Language, different aspects of a system are represented by various types of diagrams. UML diagrams represent two different views of a system model. They are static and dynamic views. In this paper we study the dynamic view of Class Diagrams and static view of Sequence Diagrams for checking(More)
Designing a Ultra High Frequency (UHF), Vestigial Side Band (VSB), Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesized Television (TV) Broadcasting Exciter according to Consultative Committee on International Radio (CCIR) standard is a challenge, when it is required to achieve low capital cost, operational cost and maximum power efficiency. This paper presents a successful(More)
Study on a multimode plastic optical fiber as a cost effective alternative for expensive glass fiber is presented. An analysis of PMMA (Polymethylmetacrylate) and PFBVE (Perfluoro-butenylvinylether) plastic fibers was carried out in order to evaluate their characteristics and to evaluate their capability to be used in some specific applications. Based upon(More)
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