E. M. N. Ekanayake

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—An expression for the average symbol error rate of M-ary coherent phase-shift-keyed (CPSK) signals for equal-gain combining (EGC) diversity reception in slow Nakagami fading channels is derived using the characteristic function method. The new expression is presented in the form of a one-fold integral. This expression adapts readily for numerical(More)
Designing a Ultra High Frequency (UHF), Vestigial Side Band (VSB), Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesized Television (TV) Broadcasting Exciter according to Consultative Committee on International Radio (CCIR) standard is a challenge, when it is required to achieve low capital cost, operational cost and maximum power efficiency. This paper presents a successful(More)
Study on a multimode plastic optical fiber as a cost effective alternative for expensive glass fiber is presented. An analysis of PMMA (Polymethylmetacrylate) and PFBVE (Perfluoro-butenylvinylether) plastic fibers was carried out in order to evaluate their characteristics and to evaluate their capability to be used in some specific applications. Based upon(More)
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