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The subventricular zone (SVZ) of the lateral ventricle remains mitotically active in the adult mammalian central nervous system (CNS). Recent studies have suggested that this region may contain neuronal precursors (neural stem cells) in adult rodents. A variety of neuronal and glial markers as well as three extracellular matrix (ECM) markers were examined(More)
In the brain, the action of glucocorticoid steroids is mediated via two intracellular receptors, the mineralocorticoid (MR), or type I receptor, and the glucocorticoid (GR), or type II receptor. These receptors are expressed in many types of neurons and are co-expressed in some neurons such as the hippocampal pyramidal cells. Although glucocorticoids are(More)
The electrophysiological responses of CA3 pyramidal neurons and dentate granule (DG) cells in rat hippocampus were studied after transient forebrain ischemia using intracellular recording and staining techniques in vivo. Approximately 5 min of ischemic depolarization was induced using 4-vessel occlusion method. The spike threshold and rheobase of CA3(More)
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