E.M. Beres-Pawlik

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The main objectives of this paper is to improve knowledge of multimode fiber transmission over step-index plastic optical fiber SI POF with 1000 Lim core. The thick SI POF fibers seem a very attractive alternative in local computer networks for the “classic” (thin) single- and multimode fibers because of their low price and easy installation.(More)
This paper presents a passive multimode optical network BER measurement system along with measurement results obtained using this system for chosen passive network structures. The results of BER measurements were also compared with results of bandwidth measurements for the corresponding structures.
With optical elements getting cheaper almost on a everyday, the common usage of the fully optical network in local environment is only a matter of a rather short time. In order to simplify such a network construction and to reduce its cost, the so called passive optical networks (PON) can be used. The most interesting type of such networks are PONs with(More)
In this paper we present the possibilities of cheap diagnostics based on optical fiber sensors and fluorescence lifetime measurements. Early diagnostics of pathological tissue changes, especially when it comes to lesions that are possibly cancerous is still undiscovered for commercial use. Methods used nowadays, which are focused on scanning large areas of(More)
The presentation gives an account of recent developments in the modelling of chalcogenide glass based lanthanide doped fibre lasers for the mid-infra-red (MIR) wavelength range. The particular lanthanide elements considered include dysprosium, praseodymium and terbium. Both classical 3 level lasing systems and cascade lasing systems are considered, and(More)
We develop a model of a terbium (111) ion doped selenide chalcogenide glass fibre source that provides spontaneous emission within the mid-infrared (MIR) wavelength range. We use two numerical algorithms to calculate the solution and compare their properties.
In this article a novel highly-birefringent erbium-doped microstructured optical fiber is presented. The modal properties of the structure are analyzed numerically using a fully vectorial finite difference method. The emission properties of the structure have also been investigated. The emission at 1550 nm has been measured. The realised fiber can find(More)
In this contribution we present the sensing capabilities of a novel N-path Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) that relies on a multicore microstructured optical fibre (MC-MOF) connected between two sections of the standard single mode fibre. The modal properties of the MC-MOF structure are analyzed experimentally by measuring near field profiles. The(More)