E. M. Barrow

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General Circulation Models (GCMs) suggest that rising concentrations of greenhouse gases will have significant implications for climate at global and regional scales. Less certain is the extent to which meteorological processes at individual sites will be affected. So-called ‘downscaling’ techniques are used to bridge the spatial and temporal resolution(More)
Intuition as a hallmark of nursing knowledge was traced through an analysis of literature published in the American Journal of Nursing between 1900 and 1985. Three questions were addressed: Does the concept appear in the literature; if so, what are its attributes; and how did they evolve through time? Titles of articles (n = 14,971) were examined and from(More)
A systematic review of nursing literature was conducted to determine the state of the science with respect to the use of intuition in nursing practice and nursing education. The Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health database was used to identify the priority population. From this database, 45 research articles that were written in English,(More)
We have selected key publications that have relevance for the construction of the UKCIP98 scenarios and, more generally, for the application of climate change scenarios. These publications are grouped by subject area. Specific references cited in the Report are also included. (1998) Representing twentieth century space-time climate variability. Part 1:(More)
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