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Advances in mass spectrometry (MS) have made comprehensive lipidomics analysis of complex tissues relatively commonplace. These compositional analyses, although able to resolve hundreds of molecular species of lipids in single extracts, lose the original cellular context from which these lipids are derived. Recently, high-resolution MS of individual lipid(More)
A new multi-scale, stabilized method for Q1/P0 finite element computations of Lagrangian shock hydrodynamics is presented. Instabilities (of hourglass type) are controlled by a stabilizing operator derived using the variational multi-scale analysis paradigm. The resulting stabilizing term takes the form of a pressure correction. With respect to broadly(More)
Patrick J. Horn,a Andrew R. Korte,b Purnima B. Neogi,a Ebony Love,a Johannes Fuchs,c Kerstin Strupat,d Ljudmilla Borisjuk,c Vladimir Shulaev,a Young-Jin Lee,b and Kent D. Chapmana,1 a Department of Biological Sciences, Center for Plant Lipid Research, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas 76203 b Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University and Ames(More)