E Lissen Otero

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The Adult Onset Still's Disease (AOSD) is an entity of unknown origin characterised by fever, polyarthralgias or polyarthritis, a pharyngitis, a cutaneous eruption and elevation of leucocytes. We present observations of 17 patients diagnosed during the last thirteen years. Files of hospitalized patients with suspected AOSD have been examined in a(More)
The existence of an increasing number of apparently healthy carriers of the HBsAg demands a specific assisting attitude which must be highly reliable without increasing health care expenses. With that purpose, 129 asymptomatic carriers without prior history of jaundice and/or alcohol abuse were studied. The following discriminant criteria were used:(More)
Epidemiological studies in healthy carriers of HB Ag show variable results that might depend on the geographical area, ethnic group, and socio-economic level analyzed. For that reason an study was undertaken in the Spanish population with the purpose of analysing contagiousness of healthy carriers and mechanism of spread of the infection. The incidence of(More)