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— Transactional memory has great potential for simplifying multithreaded programming by allowing programmers to specify regions of the program that must appear to execute atomically. Transactional memory implementations then optimistically execute these transactions concurrently to obtain high performance. This work shows that the same atomic guarantees(More)
Biomarkers for acute kidney injury (AKI) have been used to predict the progression of AKI, but a systematic comparison of the prognostic ability of each biomarker alone or in combination has not been performed. In order to assess this, we measured the concentration of 32 candidate biomarkers in the urine of 95 patients with AKIN stage 1 after cardiac(More)
Using multiplex bead assays to measure urine proteins has a great potential for biomarker discovery, but substances in urine (the matrix) can interfere with assay measurements. By comparing the recovery of urine spiked with known quantities of several common analytes, this study demonstrated that the urine matrix variably interfered with the accurate(More)
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