E. Lelièvre-Berna

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We present a comprehensive study of chiral fluctuations in the reference helimagnet MnSi by polarized neutron scattering and neutron spin echo spectroscopy, which reveals the existence of a completely left-handed and dynamically disordered phase. This phase may be identified as a spontaneous Skyrmion phase: it appears in a limited temperature range just(More)
URu2Si2 is one of the most enigmatic strongly correlated electron systems and offers a fertile testing ground for new concepts in condensed matter science. In spite of >30 years of intense research, no consensus on the order parameter of its low-temperature hidden-order phase exists. A strong magnetic field transforms the hidden order into magnetically(More)
High-resolution X-ray diffraction and polarized neutron diffraction experiments have been performed on the Y-semiquinonate complex, Y(HBPz3)2(DTBSQ), in order to determine the charge and spin densities in the paramagnetic ground state, S = (1/2). The aim of these combined studies is to bring new insights to the antiferromagnetic coupling mechanism between(More)
A new polarized neutron single crystal diffractometer POLI (Polarization Investigator) has been developed at the Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum, Garching, Germany. After reviewing existing devices, spherical neutron polarimetry has been implemented on POLI as a main experimental technique using a third-generation cryogenic polarization analysis device (Cryopad)(More)
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