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Data-intensive applications based on NFC (Near Field Communication) or applications for healthcare/e-government will need an increase of the actual defined and standardised transmission rates of 848 kbit/s. It is topic of this work to point out physical layer parameters, limitations and concepts, allowing to enhance the transmission rate of passive 13.56(More)
Coronary heart disease has the highest incidence in our society. Practising physicians are often confronted with a lot of data obtained from invasive investigations (heart-catheterization and angiocardiography). The interpretation of cardiologic parameters and their measurements cause difficulties for physicians who are not permanently involved in this(More)
Exercise stress test is the most widely used instrument in the detection of myocardial ischemia. We try to develop a score for objective and subjective symptoms occurring during this investigation. 428 stress tests are registrated, the parameters are documented, investigated according to a logical schema and data processed.
Thiss paper reportss aboutt aa studyy evaluatingg thee usefulnesss off neural networks forr thee earlyy detectionn off heartt diseasee basedd onn ECG andd otherr meaĆ surements duringg exercisee testingg [10].. Dataa fromm 3500 personss whoo underwent stress testss consistedd off patientt demographicc dataa andd fifteenn timee framess of measurements(More)
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