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A tool for the synthesis of fuzzy controllers is presented in this paper. This tool takes as input the behavioral specification of a controller and generates its VHDL description according to a target architecture. The VHDL code can be synthesized by means of two implementation methodologies, ASIC and FPGA. The main advantages of using this approach are(More)
This paper explores the use of FPGA technologies to implement fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs). Two different approaches are described. The first option is based on the logic synthesis of the boolean equations describing the controller input-output relations. The second approach uses dedicated hardware to implement the fuzzy algorithm according to a specific(More)
Facing an increasing violence level and higher firepower in the hands of criminal organizations (especially those related to drug trafficking), the Military Police of Pernambuco has created, in 1989, the "1a Companhia Independente de Operações Especiais" (1st Independent Company of Special Operations), as a tactical last resort of the Police to be used on(More)
In Olinda there are an estimated 50 marble quarries, 3 of which are members of the stone extraction and finishing industry's state union. The objective here is to quantitatively evaluate the noise present at the workplace in two of Olinda's unionized marble quarries. The data to be analyzed was collected during December 2010, this month representing one of(More)
In the civil construction industry sector, it has been observed that the increasing use of machines has made tasks noisier and consequently caused hearing loss and had other adverse effects on workers. The objective of this study was to identify and assess the physical risks of noise present in activities undertaken in a construction company in order to(More)
During the production of aggregates at quarry sites, elevated quantities of micro-particulate mineral dust are produced in all stages of the process. This dust contains appreciable amounts of free crystalline silica in a variety of forms which, if maintained suspended in the air in the work environment, expose the workers to the risk of developing(More)
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