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The pressure and the energy density of the SU(3) gauge theory are calculated on lattices with temporal extent Nτ = 4, 6 and 8 and spatial extent Nσ = 16 and 32. The results are then extrapolated to the continuum limit. In the investigated temperature range up to five times Tc we observe a 15% deviation from the ideal gas limit. We also present new results(More)
We calculate the pressure in QCD with two and three light quarks on a lattice of size 16 × 4 using tree level improved gauge and fermion actions. We argue that for temperatures T >∼ 2Tc systematic effects due to the finite lattice cut-off and non-vanishing quark masses are below 15% in this calculation and give an estimate for the continuum extrapolated(More)
The status of lattice QCD investigations at high temperature is reviewed. After a short introduction into thermal QCD on the lattice we report on the present understanding of the phase diagram and the equation of state, in particular in presence of dynamical quarks. We continue with a discussion of various screening lengths in the plasma phase including(More)
We calculate the string tension, deconfinement transition temperature and bulk thermodynamic quantities of the SU(3) gauge theory using tree level and tadpole improved actions. Finite temperature calculations have been performed on lattices with temporal extent Nτ = 3 and 4. Compared to calculations with the standard Wilson action on this size lattices we(More)
We present a status report on a new high statistics study of the high temperature transition in full QCD at zero chemical potential. Our simulations use both improved asqtad and p4 staggered quarks on lattices with a temporal extent Nτ = 8 and light quark masses approximately one tenth the strange quark mass. In this report we describe the setup of our(More)
We determine the second order endpoint of the line of first order phase transitions, which occur in the light quark mass regime of 3-flavour QCD at finite temperature, and analyze universal properties of this chiral critical point. A detailed analysis of Binder cumulants and the joint probability distributions of energy like and orderingfield like(More)
Lattice investigations of QCD at finite temperature have contributed considerably to the current understanding of the transition from the hadronic state of matter to the quark gluon plasma and of the physics of the plasma phase. Mainly due to the ever-present limitations of computational power many analyses have been carried out in the pure gauge sector of(More)
Heavy quark potentials are investigated at high temperatures. The temperature range covered by the analysis extends from T values just below the deconfinement temperature up to about 4Tc in the deconfined phase. We simulated the pure gauge sector of QCD on lattices with temporal extents of 4, 6 and 8 with spatial volumes of 32. On the smallest lattice a(More)
We analyze the cut-off dependence of mesonic spectral functions calculated at finite temperature on Euclidean lattices with finite temporal extent. In the infinite temperature limit we present analytic results for lattice spectral functions calculated with standard Wilson fermions as well as a truncated perfect action. We explicitly determine the influence(More)