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A new variant of the PCR test system is discussed which allows one to detect Bcl I and Hind III polymorphic sites of FVIII gene. It can be used for rapid and effective diagnosis of hemophilia A, especially, in combination with the blot-hybridization technique that detects other polymorphic variants of FVIII gene. The method proposed is highly accurate,(More)
Polyalkylating derivatives of single-stranded polynucleotides (30-200-mers) complementary to the long E1 oncogene sequences of simian adenovirus SA7 cause inherited normalization of SH2 and G11 cells transformed with adenovirus SA7; certain deletions in the integrated proviral E1A oncogene were observed in several cases during this process. The transformed(More)
Representatives of 62 families from Moscow and Leningrad with haemophilia A observed in the pedigree were tested for HindIII polymorphism in the factor VIII gene. The proposed scheme of investigation was based on intron 19 of the FVIII gene amplification by the PCR technique followed by restriction analysis with the inner control of hydrolysis. 207(More)
The G fragment of the simian adenovirus SA7 oncogene corresponding to E1a region was cloned into M13mp8 and M13mp9 phages. Single-stranded DNAs of the recombinant phages thus obtained (mp8G and mp9G) partially digested with DNAse II were used to synthesize polyalkylating derivatives capable of specific hybridisation and subsequent alkylation of(More)
Murine fibroblasts NIH 3T3 were transfected with the plasmid pASP containing simian adenovirus oncogene insertion. Focus forming transformants were cloned with a final dilution technique and a new cell line G11 was created as a result. Transformed status of this cell line is evidenced by changes in morphology, specific cytochemical and adhesion properties,(More)
The XmaI/PstI and XmaI DNA fragments of adenovirus SA7 oncogene and the adjacent region (16.7% of the physical map of SA7 left end DNA) were recloned in M13 bacteriophages mp8 and mp9 in order to obtain the singlestranded fragments EIa and EIb from the DNA region of monkey adenovirus SA7 located on the recombinant plasmid pASP carrying the DNA APstI(More)
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