E. L. Rodríguez Echandía

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The present report is a comparative analysis of the choroid plexus cell surface under normal and experimental conditions which stimulate secretion of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The choroid cell surface, under normal conditions, contains cilia, ridges, and microvilli, the complexity of which varies widely from cell to cell. The intercellular clefts are(More)
Prenatal administration of high doses of tricyclic antidepressants have been reported to produce teratogenic and behavioral effects in rat offspring. In the present work, behavioral abnormalities are described in offspring of rats treated with therapeutic doses of chlorimipramine (CIM) during pregnancy (CIM-P), lactation (CIM-L) and during the whole(More)
Recent studies on cytoplasmic microtubules have provided evidence for regarding them as gel components susceptible to solational weakenings. Microtubule structure in various cell types has been shown to be sensitive to temperature, pH, pressure, and other environmental conditions In the present work, the sciatic nerve of the toad was studied to determine(More)
The regeneration of the vallate papilla in the rat was studied by both light and electron microscopy. The papillae were excised and regeneration was studied at time intervals of 3 to 45 days. It was found that the vallate papilla is capable of regeneration after both partial and total papillectomies. The regenerated papillae were asymmetrical in shape.(More)
The splanchnic nerves of toads were tightly ligated and the organelles present both on the proximal and the distal side of the constriction were counted after zero, 24 and 48 hrs. Swelling of the fibers and accumulation of mitochondria and of smooth canaliculi were found to be the most conspicuous expressions of damming in the nerve segments above the(More)
The stria vascularis lining the external wall of the cochlear duct is a thick epithelium consisting of three cell types, with numerous blood capillaries embedded within it. The columnar marginal cells have extensive lateral and basal infoldings of the plasma membrane with each compartment, formed by these infoldings, filled with clusters of mitochondria.(More)
Male rats arbitrarily selected for high and low motor activity (HA and LA-rats) were submitted to the chronic ingestion (30 days) of desipramine (DSP) in doses of about 1.5, 3 and 6 mg/kg/24 hr. Their motor activity was assessed in an animal activity monitor providing a measure of total horizontal movements and vertical movements and in a hole-board(More)
Typical septate junctions between digestive vacuoles in phagocytic cells of human malacoplakia are described in this paper. Evidence for a honeycomb pattern of hexagonal subunits is presented for their cleft material. Junctions were not observed between other organelles or in cells other than phagocytes. It is assumed that the septate junctions described(More)
This study is concerned with the organization of smooth surfaced canaliculi in fibers of regenerating sciatic nerves in a toad. Immediately proximal to the lesion the axons appeared crowded with widened canaliculi and vesicles. The derivation of these components was established through the analysis of isolated canaliculi in PTA stained preparations. In(More)
The present report is a description of an abdominal sympathetic ganglion in close proximity to the kidneys (pararenal ganglion), which occurs in the toad. It is apparently associated with the splanchnic nerves and consists of: 1. typical ganglion cells; 2. myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibers, some of which form axosomatic synapses (cholinergic(More)