E. L. Polonskaya

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In awake rabbits, which received auditory stimuli paired with electric shock to a forelimb, the activity of 229 units were recorded. In 118 units conditioned responses were observed. In 68 units they were excitatory and in 50 units, inhibitory in accordance with the excitatory or inhibitory effect of the reinforcing stimulus. When the conditioned response(More)
the neuron during functional activity," Folia Morphol., 25, No. 3, 249 (1977). 17. C. A. Guyette, D. M. Chavis, and D. H. Shearer, "The effect of ribonucleic acid injections upon the maze-learning ability of rats," Physiol. Behav., 24, No. 5, 971 (1980). 18. P. G. Kostyuk, "Calcium ionic channels in electrically excitable membrane," Neuroscience, 5, No. 6,(More)
1. As a result of periodic presentation of combinations of acoustic and electrodermal stimuli 60% of caudate nucleus neurons, 55% of putamen neurons, and 59% of globus pallidus neurons exhibited significant conditioned responses to time of activation (60–69%) and inhibitory (40–31%) type. 2. A definite order of formation of conditioned trace responses was(More)
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