E L Maksutova

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Testing the injectable dosage form of phenazepam showed no substantial pharmacokinetic differences in epileptic patients receiving a single intravenous and intramuscular doses of 2 mg. The bioavailability of the drug was 0.82. The individual and mean experimental stationary phenazepam concentration (157.3 ng/ml) in the patients' blood during course(More)
Piracetam influence on the depth of consciousness loss and psychic function recovery was examined in two groups of 30 patients (study and control) selected at random. The study was carried out in conditions of a specialized department for patients with acute virus neuroinfections. Accelerated periods of egress from unconsciousness (including coma), high(More)
A total of 164 patients with schizophrenia and exogenic-organic psychoses resistant to psychotropic therapy were subjected to clinico-immunological examination. The inclusion into the multiple-modality therapy of the immunomodulator levamisole, besides the general improvement, had a positive effect on the psychopathologic symptomatology and helped to reduce(More)
The paper presents an analysis of autonomic regulation and spectral EEG structure in 70 epileptic patients with affective disorders in period between the fits. It was found that activity of the sympathetic link was elevated, activity of the parasympathetic link was decreased in such patients especially in cases with partial visceral-autonomic fits. EEG(More)
The article presents the results of a combined (clinicopsychopathological, neurological, computed tomography) investigation of 28 patients with encephalitides caused by the virus of herpes simplex type 1 at various periods of the disease. The peculiarities of psychopath-like signs at the initial stage of the disease are shown in their relation with(More)
Eight patients with herpetic encephalitis (HE) and one patient with herpetic meningitis were investigated. The clinical and laboratory investigations (CR, EEG, and others) are described. In all the cases the diagnosis was corroborated with serological and virological tests unraveling the herpes simplex virus. A high-sensitive diagnose the atypical HE cases(More)
Verified material on 246 cases of acute viral encephalitis and meningoencephalitis was studied prospectively. The clinical and psychopathological analysis shown predilection to cerebral affection in formation of a number of psychopathological syndromes reflecting focal insufficiency and related to etiotopic characteristics of the underlying pathological(More)