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When a single abrupt onset appears in a multielement display, it captures attention. When multiple onset elements occur, they have conditional priority over no-onset elements such that a limited number of onsets can be serviced with high priority in visual search (Yantis & Johnson, 1990). We report three experiments in which we assess two possible(More)
Studies of patients with focal brain lesions and neuroimaging indicate that face processing is predominantly based on right hemisphere function. Additionally, experiments using chimeric faces, where the left and the right-hand side of the face are different, have shown that observers tend to bias their responses toward the information on the left. Here, we(More)
The present study examined the flexibility with which people can adopt different category schemes in the spatial domain. In a location memory task, participants viewed and estimated the locations of four kinds of objects that were spatially grouped by object identity. This identity-based arrangement was either congruent or incongruent with the perceptually(More)
The advisory committee and participants of the summit generated the idea for, and endorsed creating this research review. Also supported by cooperative agreements with the Centers for Disease Control and The contents of this report are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not represent the official views of the CDC. Printed with vegetable-based(More)
INTROdUcTION In health care the " information age " has long passed and we have entered into the era of information perfusion. The ubiquity of health information has transformed the clinician, the public, and the patient. As technology progresses and we see exciting and innovative strategies for managing it emerge, ubiquitous health information (UHI) has(More)
PURPOSE Hopelessness theory predicts that negative attributional style will interact with negative life events over time to predict depression. The intention of this study was to test this in a population who are at greater risk of negative life events, people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). METHOD Data, including measures of attributional style, negative(More)
A pervasive method for GUI testing is the Capture and Playback (CP) technique. This commonly used technique cannot be used until an Application Under Test (AUT) is completely developed. In this paper we propose a specification driven approach to test GUI-Based java programs as an alternative to the CP technique. We introduce a GUI-event test specification(More)
2 ABSTRACT A practical approach is recommended for identifying and archiving tornado events, based on the use of definitions that label all vortices as either Type I, Type II or Type III tornadoes. This methodology will provide a more meaningful tornado climatology in Storm Data, which separates and classifies all vortices associated in any manner with(More)