E. L. Fröhlich

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A simple storm loss model is applied to an ensemble of ECHAM5/MPI-OM1 GCM simulations in order to estimate changes of insured loss potentials over Europe in the 21st century. Losses are computed based on the daily maximum wind speed for each grid point. The calibration of the loss model is performed using wind data from the ERA40Reanalysis and German loss(More)
To develop a platform for molecular magnetic resonance imaging, we prepared gadolinium-bearing albumin-polylactic acid nanoparticles in the size range 20–40 nm diameter. Iterative cycles of design and testing upscaled the synthesis procedures to gram amounts for physicochemical characterisation and for pharmacokinetic testing. Morphological analyses showed(More)
We are developing a nanoparticulate histochemical reagent designed for histochemistry in living animals (molecular imaging), which should finally be useful in clinical imaging applications. The iterative development procedure employed involves conceptual design of the reagent, synthesis and testing of the reagent, then redesign based on data from the(More)
Eric Tribbett Ed Froehlich Lex Bayer Mechanical Engineering Dept. Stanford University Procedure: Our research examines the effects of spark timing, equivalence ratio and compression ratio on the performance of a single-cylinder research engine. The engine used was the spark-ignited, removable dome head (RDH) version of the Coordinated Fuels Research (CFR)(More)
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