E L Derlacki

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Our literature review has tabulated 33 jugular foramen neuromas that appeared either as a neurologic "syndrome of the jugular foramen" like a glomas tumor, or similar to an acoustic tumor. The few posterior fossa tumors involving the eighth nerve or encroaching upon it that have been removed and resulted in cochleovestibular preservation or recovery have(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if patients with Meniere's disease possess serum IgE specific for herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1, HSV type 2, Epstein-Barr virus, and/or cytomegalovirus. DESIGN A modified radioallergosorbent test method was employed wherein each serum sample was processed with recombinant protein A to remove competing non-IgE antibodies, and(More)
Previous investigations have shown that binaural hearing is often abnormal in patients having conductive hearing losses, and even in patients who have had hearing thresholds corrected by middle ear surgery. The present study assessed further the masking-level difference (MLD) in patients who had previously undergone middle ear surgery. The stimuli were(More)
This study investigated whether conductive hearing loss reduces normal binaural hearing advantages and whether binaural hearing advantages are normal in patients who have had hearing thresholds improved by middle ear surgery. Binaural hearing was assessed at a test frequency of 500 Hz using the masking level difference and interaural time discrimination(More)