E L Arsenjeva

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Hybrids were derived from the fusion of mouse myeloma cells with human spleen cells from a patient with active idiopathic thrombocytopenia. Of 288 initially seeded cultures, 186 were found to produce human Ig. The growth and Ig production rates, cloning efficiencies using different feeder layers and the karyotype were determined for 9 clones that stably(More)
A mucin-type glycoprotein (GP) from cultured embryonic cells of Drosophila melanogaster was isolated and used to raise monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). Epitope(s) recognized by MAbs were sensitive to the treatment by O-glycanase, which specifically cleaves off O-linked mucin-type Gal(beta 1,3)GalNAc disaccharide, representing the major part of the carbohydrate(More)
Alkalinization of the external medium has been shown to suppress Ca2+ extrusion from neurons due to inhibition of the plasmalemmal Ca2+/H+ pump. In our experiments on fura-2-loaded rat cerebellar granule cells and mouse hippocampal neurons, an increase in pHo from 7.4 to 8.5 following a 1-min glutamate or NMDA challenge caused a dramatic delay in [Ca2+]i(More)
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