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2-Methylfumarate can be hydrogenated by resting cells of Proteus mirabilis under an atmosphere of hydrogen gas. Optically pure (S)2-methylsuccinate is formed in a yield greater than 95%. The hydrogen addition, presumably catalyzed by the fumarate reductase, occurs in a trans fashion, as with succinate dehydrogenase of mammalian systems. Only one reactive(More)
The sideramines of 14 species of the genus Aspergillus, group Fumigatus, were isolated and analyzed. Ferricrocin was identified in 11 extracts, ferrichrome in 2 others. A lipophilic sideramine produced by 4 species was identified as triacetylfusigen, another minor component as triacetylfusigen B. Six species produced an alanine-containing sideramine, which(More)
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