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Biodiversity is rapidly declining, and this may negatively affect ecosystem processes, including economically important ecosystem services. Previous studies have shown that biodiversity has positive effects on organisms and processes across trophic levels. However, only a few studies have so far incorporated an explicit food-web perspective. In an(More)
Seed dispersal by ants (myrmecochory) is widespread, and seed adaptations to myrmecochory are common, especially in the form of fatty appendices (elaiosomes). In a recent study, slugs were identified as seed dispersers of myrmecochores in a central European beech forest. Here we used 105 beech forest sites to test whether myrmecochore presence and abundance(More)
For many L-functions of arithmetic interest, the values on or close to the edge of the region of absolute convergence are of great importance, as shown for instance by the proof of the Prime Number Theorem (equivalent to non-vanishing of ζ(s) for Re(s) = 1). Other examples are the Dirichlet L-functions (e.g. because of the Dirichlet class-number formula)(More)
The diversity-stability hypothesis states that current losses of biodiversity can impair the ability of an ecosystem to dampen the effect of environmental perturbations on its functioning. Using data from a long-term and comprehensive biodiversity experiment, we quantified the temporal stability of 42 variables characterizing twelve ecological functions in(More)
Rotaviruses are important pathogens of human infants and the infants of many animal species. The disease produced by these viruses can be described as an acute, self-limiting diarrheal disease, with virus replication localized to the differentiated epithelial enterocytes of the small intestine. Immunologically normal infants shed virus for approximately 5(More)
Methods for determining fibrinolysis are not satisfactory. The reproducibility and accuracy of many known methods are doubtful, and it is difficult to say how far they reflect the processes and the fibrinolytic potential in the living organism, so in this paper will be presented the results of many years' experience with the euglobulin method. Methods and(More)