E. Korshunova

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The Arctic climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. What consequences this may have on the Arctic marine ecosystem depends to a large degree on how its species will respond both directly to elevated temperatures and more indirectly through ecological interactions. But despite an alarming recent warming of the Arctic with accompanying sea ice loss,(More)
In most cases, reverse engineering is used to retrieve missing design documentation from the source code in the form of an abstract (e.g., UML) model. In the context of this work, reverse engineering is used as a part of the verification and validation chain of software systems, where the static structure and the dynamic behavior of a system are derived(More)
A short overview of the results obtained by the authors and their colleagues for a long time in the field of the antenna synthesis theory and the related problems of the field transformation is presented. The main common subject in all problems are the free phase functions ascribed to the given amplitude patterns of the antennas, or appearing as the phase(More)
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