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The authors present an account of four men where orders were given to examine their mental state because of murderous activity focused on a parent. In three instances murder was involved, in one case attempted murder. Three of the subjects were youths 13-19 year old, one was 61-year-old at time of murder. In three instances the activity occurred in a state(More)
The authors present their initial experience with patients reporting contact with heroin. For the authors this is a new type of dependence. They present a group of 33 patients (only two women), mean age 26 years, hospitalized at two psychiatric clinics in Bratislava. The majority of patients were single, and had only elementary education. Only in 10(More)
The authors present their own experience with the use of the behavioural scale elaborated by Blessed, Tomlinson and Roth usually called Blessed Dementia Scale-BS. They examined 76 patients (59 dementia, 17 with major depression, aged 57 - 87 years (mean age 70.3 +/- 7.2 years). The results obtained by BS were compared with WAIS-R, Wechsler's memory scale(More)
The authors elaborated a brief questionnaire of mental health of old people. They discuss the the suitability of the self-evaluating part of the questionnaire for detection of mental disorders. Hundred and forty subjects above 65 years of age were examined: living in their homes or hospitalized at the psychiatric clinic. The mean score of the(More)
According to results of the census of gerontopsychiatric patients, on June 30, 1993 there were 741 hospitalized patients. In the submitted paper the authors follow up data on 207 patients treated with antidepressants. In 73% endogenous depressions were involved another third of the patients suffered from reactive conditions, organic mental disorders and(More)