E. Kirubakaran

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Dynamicity in the data sharing has resulted in resource usage being more and more distributed and more open in nature. The need for problem solving and the distributed nature of data has resulted in the development of grid environment. Authentication is the first step of security requirement for any grid environment to validate the user. This paper proposes(More)
Remote user authentication scheme has been widely adopted in today's web-enabled world due to increasing online threats and insecure communication. Security and privacy are two most important factors in today's real time applications. Thus many schemes have enhanced the traditional password based authentication scheme so that the number of online attacks(More)
Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular among corporate and home users worldwide. Users are looking forward to new technologies that allow them to communicate anytime, anywhere, and using any communication device. Toward this end, wireless communications are foreseen to play a key role in future communication systems. The primary advantages of(More)
Making a network foolproof is a very important task that every Intrusion Detection System should provide to the network. Areas of deployment of an IDS is also an important task that helps in efficient functioning of the system. Deploying the IDS in all the systems is a very inefficient strategy that reduces the performance of the entire network, while(More)
This paper presents a method of encryption that enhances the security of vital data against brute force attack. The method is based on dual key encryption in which two different keys encrypt the data simultaneously, one being the regular key and the other being the time of key entry. The encryption process uses conventional encryption methods with some(More)
Web mining is a rapidly growing research area. It consists of Web usage mining, Web structure mining, and Web content mining. Web usage mining refers to the discovery of user access patterns from Web usage logs. Web structure mining tries to discover useful knowledge from the structure of hyperlinks. Web content mining aims to extract/mine useful(More)
Detecting intrusions in a network is one of the major functionalities that cannot be overlooked. Even though the intrusion detection systems in networks tend to perform their best, the other side is always ahead conjuring new attacks every time. Further, detecting an attack earlier or at least as soon as the attack has occurred is the only way to counter(More)
The most important application of Microarray for gene expression analysis is used to discover or classify the unknown tissue samples with the help of known tissue samples. Several Data Mining Classifiers have been proposed recently to predict/identify the cancer patterns. In this research work, we have focused and studied a few Classification Techniques(More)
Agents are autonomous, social, proactive, reactive, and communicate to achieve common goal. Developing framework for agents to support above mentioned characteristics is quite challenging. Outside the choice of right agent methodologies to support agent oriented development, there is a need for developing agent driven development framework to enable(More)