E. Kirubakaran

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Making a network foolproof is a very important task that every Intrusion Detection System should provide to the network. Areas of deployment of an IDS is also an important task that helps in efficient functioning of the system. Deploying the IDS in all the systems is a very inefficient strategy that reduces the performance of the entire network, while(More)
Data Mining is the efficient knowledge discovery form database. It is also form of knowledge discovery essential for solving problem in specific domain like health care, business and other field. The proposed system is based on population based on heuristic search technique, which can used to solve combinatorial optimization problem. Our research focus on(More)
Detecting intrusions in a network is one of the major functionalities that cannot be overlooked. Even though the intrusion detection systems in networks tend to perform their best, the other side is always ahead conjuring new attacks every time. Further, detecting an attack earlier or at least as soon as the attack has occurred is the only way to counter(More)
Increase in the data sharing of distributed data has resulted in resource usage being more and more distributed. The distributed nature of data and its need to be accessed has resulted in the grid environment. Authentication is considered as the first step of security requirement for any grid environment against potential threats. This paper proposes an(More)
Dynamicity in the data sharing has resulted in resource usage being more and more distributed and more open in nature. The need for problem solving and the distributed nature of data has resulted in the development of grid environment. Authentication is the first step of security requirement for any grid environment to validate the user. This paper proposes(More)
Weather forecasting is a crucial application in meteorology. Weather is a continuous, data-intensive, multidimensional, dynamic process that makes weather forecasting a formidable challenge. This paper proposes a novel method to develop a service oriented architecture for a weather information system and forecast weather using data mining techniques. Web(More)
The streak image caused by metal implants degrades the image quality and limits the applications of metal, that results in loss of image quality. The proposed method uses LDA with fractional wavelet transformation to extract the texture features. Diffusion method used in this work is efficient for detecting the pitting and laminating defects. By using(More)