E Kirpitchnikova

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The retinal projections of the shark Scyliorhinus canicula were investigated using both the degeneration technique after eye removal and the radioautographic method following the intraocular injection of various tritiated tracers (proline, leucine, fucose, adenosine). The results showed contralateral projection via different optic tract components (TOM,(More)
The distribution of GABA-like immunoreactivity (GABA-LI) was performed in the lamprey retinopetal system which was previously identified by either anterograde or retrograde axonal tracing methods. This study was carried out at the ultrastructural level for the retina and under both the light and electron microscope for the mesencephalic retinopetal centers(More)
The retinal projection of an imperfect albino quail mutant with a sex-linked recessive gene was examined 2 weeks-16 months post-hatch using various histological methods. During the first weeks the visual system was normal. Initial signs of buphthalmos, a form of spontaneous glaucoma, appeared between the 3d and 5th months. Its development induced a(More)
The peripheral (eye, retina, optic nerve) and central (primary optic tracti and centers, centrifugal visual tractus and nucleus) visual system of an imperfect albino quail mutant with a sex linked recessive gene was examined in 32 specimens ages 1 week - 16 months-hatch using various histological techniques. During the first weeks the visual system was(More)
The aim of this study has been to investigate different neuroactive substances in the lamprey centrifugal visual neurons (CVN) by combining axonal tracing methods and immunocytochemistry. The CVN somata are immunonegative to antibodies recognizing FMRF-amide, LH-RH, 5 HT and TH, but immunopositive to an anti-GABA antiserum (GABA+) in a proportion of 40%. In(More)
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