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The LHC magnet tests operation team developed various innovative techniques, particularly since early 2004, to complete the superconductor magnet tests by Feb. 2007. Overall and cryogenic priority handling, rapid on-bench thermal cycling, rule-based goodness evaluation on round-the-clock basis, multiple, mashed web systems are some of these techniques(More)
a a d ( c o bstract ulse oximeter is a well-established and noninvasive ethod for measuring vascular health by evaluating xygen saturation. This study compared the efficacy of custom-made pulse oximeter dental probe with the lectric pulp testing and thermal testing for measuring ulp vitality status of recently traumatized permanent eeth. Readings for pulp(More)
Electron beam offers unique advantages as a heat source for melting of refractory metals. It provides contamination free homogeneous melting with precise heat control on the melt target. This paper reports the complete electron optics design procedure for a 30 kV, 60 kW melting gun. The design objective of the electron optical column is to obtain the(More)
Ceramic to metal sealed feed-through insulators are commonly used in electron beam welding gun. The above feed-through insulators are susceptible to failure, as the brazing joints in them are not always very strong. Failure in one of these feed-through could render the complete gun unusable. This problem has already been faced in BARC, which led to the(More)
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