E. K. Vehstedt

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Magnetization switching at the interface between ferromagnetic and paramagnetic metals, controlled by current-induced torques, could be exploited in magnetic memory technologies. Compelling questions arise regarding the role played in the switching by the spin Hall effect in the paramagnet and by the spin-orbit torque originating from the broken inversion(More)
The new alpha-Fe(Te,Se) superconductors share the common iron building block and ferminology with the LaFeAsO and BaFe(2)As(2) families of superconductors. In contrast with the predicted commensurate spin-density-wave order at the nesting wave vector (pi, 0), a completely different magnetic order with a composition tunable propagation vector (deltapi,(More)
Applying magnetic fields has been the method of choice to magnetize non-magnetic materials, but they are difficult to focus. The magneto-electric effect and voltage-induced magnetization generate magnetization by applied electric fields, but only in special compounds or heterostructures. Here we demonstrate that a simple metal such as gold can be magnetized(More)
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