E K Armitage

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The pseudo-first-order rate constant for the Jaffé reaction with creatinine varies logarithmically with temperature and was calibrated in the range 25 to 37 degrees C to measure the temperature of the liquid in the lightpath of spectrophotometric instrumentation. The reagent concentrations can be adjusted to permit rate-constant measurements in time(More)
Several factors affecting estrogen receptor assays have been investigated. Pools of rabbit uterus cytosol and human tumor cytosol were utilized to minimize sampling error. Optimum concentration of diethylstilbestrol was found to be 1000 times the highest labeled ligand concentration. Dithiothreitol (DTT) and ionic strength had no effect on receptor value in(More)
Determination of limit of detection (LOD) values in a forensic laboratory serves a fundamental forensic requirement for assay performance. In addition to demonstrating assay capability, LOD values can also be used to fulfill certification requirements of a high-volume forensic drug laboratory. The LOD was defined as the lowest concentration of drug that the(More)
Two Cobas-Bio analyzers were found to have significantly increased imprecision, owing to absorbance errors, when we used rotors pieced together from segments of four to 10 cuvets. The difference in CV between whole/unbroken and four-cuvet or 10-cuvet segment rotors was significant by Student's unpaired t-test (P = 0.038 and less than 0.0001, respectively)(More)
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