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This special session on 3D TSV´s will highlight some of the fabrication processes and used technologies to create vias from the frontside of an active circuit to its backside and potential implementation solutions to form complex systems leveraging these novel possibilities. General techniques for via formation are discussed as well as advanced integration(More)
Traditionally the interest in voice gender conversion was of a more theoretical nature rather than founded in real– life applications. However, with the increase in mobile communication and the resulting limitation in transmission bandwidth new approaches to minimising data rates have to be developed. Here voice gender normalisation (VGN) presents an(More)
Since Stanley and Williamson 2001 rejected Ryle's well known di-chotomy of knowing-how and knowing-that and argued for an intel-lectualist approach of knowing-how—i.e. for the thesis that knowing-how can be explained in terms of propositional knowledge—the per-suasiveness of intellectualism has been revisited in various disciplines such as epistemology,(More)
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