E. Judd Welton

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24. The Claremont gap in the NE varve chronology separated varves from the lower (NE varves 2701 through 6352) and upper (NE varves 6601 through 7750) Con-necticut River valley (Glacial Lake Hitchcock). Ridge et al. (22) linked the two sequences (lower NE varve 6012 ϭ upper NE varve 6601) to correct this gap. The Hudson Valley gap (NE varves 5600 through(More)
1 Introduction The field of robotics is interdisciplinary by nature, and aa a result , university robotics curricula tend to be distributed across various departments, typically within the College of Engineering. This arrangement poses a number of problems: (1) resources , particularly laboratory equipment, are difficult to obtain , since in many cases(More)
Two dust events were detected over the Yangtze Delta region of China during March 14e17 and April 25e26 in 2009 where such dust events are uncommon. The transport behavior, spatio-temporal evolution, vertical structure, direct radiative effects, as well as induced heating rates, are investigated using a combination of ground-based and satellite-based(More)
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