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Theories of reference-dependent preferences propose that individuals evaluate outcomes as gains or losses relative to a neutral reference point. We test for reference dependence in a large dataset of marathon finishing times (n = 9, 789, 093). Models of reference-dependent preferences such as prospect theory predict bunching of finishing times at reference(More)
The aim of this study was to assess whether automated torque-based stimulator triggering could improve precision in delivering stimuli near peak torque during voluntary activation tests. The quadriceps activation test was used as a test model in 11 volunteers. Automated torque-based triggering reduced stimulus delivery timing errors by 75% when compared(More)
CONTEXT High ankle sprains are common in athletes who play contact sports. Most high ankle sprains are treated nonsurgically with a rehabilitation program. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION All years of PUBMED, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, CINAHL PLUS, SPORTDiscuss, Google Scholar, and Web of Science were searched to August 2010, cross-referencing existing(More)
Hypoglycemia limits optimal glycemic control in type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM), making novel strategies to mitigate it desirable. We hypothesized that portal (Po) vein insulin delivery would lessen hypoglycemia. In the conscious dog, insulin was infused into the hepatic Po vein or a peripheral (Pe) vein at a rate four times of basal. In protocol 1, a full(More)
Automation in modern offices has not resulted in hoped-for productivity increases. While hardware and software technology continues to advance, output has not kept pace. Workers at VDT's complain of high stress and other physical problems such as eye strain, headaches and musculo-skeletal discomfort. Dataspan Ergonomics Skills Training has successfully(More)
Seven esophageal speakers recorded multiple choice intelligibility lists loaded with words beginning with +BACK consonants and clusters. (A third of the items began with -BACK consonants and clusters). After recording several lists, they played them back and scored them, noting their errors for independent practice. After eight sessions (four weeks) of(More)
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