E. Jane Comiskey

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A major environmental restoration effort is under way that will affect the Everglades and its neighboring ecosystems in southern Florida. Ecosystem and population-level modeling is being used to help in the planning and evaluation of this restoration. The specific objective of one of these modeling approaches, the Across Trophic Level System Simulation(More)
The endangered Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) survives in an area of pronounced habitat diversity in southern Florida, occupying extensive home ranges that encompass a mosaic of habitats. Twenty-one years of daytime monitoring via radiotelemetry have provided substantial but incomplete information about panther ecology, mainly because this method(More)
In this study, we use experimental markets to examine the disclosure of non-audit service fees on investors’ perceptions of auditor independence. The SEC justified the disclosure of non-audit services fees rule by stating that: “Investors will be able to evaluate for themselves whether the proportion of non-audit service fees causes them to question an(More)
Computermodels can be used to simulate the interactions between animals and their environments. The SIMPDEL (Spatially-Explicit Individual-Based Simulation Model of Florida Panther and White-Tailed Deer in the Everglades and Big Cypress Landscapes) model has been developed to analyze and predict the effects of alternative water managementscenarios in South(More)
This session reports upon several uses of simulation methodology in finance and accounting. Two papers consider the effect of variability, variability assumptions (e.g. normality), and uncertainty on measurement of investment returns. In addition two applications of simulation in financial planning and control will be discussed.
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