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Essential criteria for the emergence of wave-like manifestations occurring in an entirely discrete system are identified using a simple model for the movement of particles through a network. The dynamics are entirely stochastic and memoryless involving a birth-death-migration process. The requirements are that the network should have at least three nodes,(More)
The stochastic point processes formed by the zero crossings or extremal points of differentiable, stationary Gaussian processes are studied as a function of their autocorrelation function. The properties of these point processes are mapped to the space formed by the parameters appearing in the autocorrelation function, their adopted form being sensitive to(More)
We report analytical calculations for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation through an inhomogeneous layer whose refractive index varies in one dimension situated between bulk right-and left-handed media. Significant field localization is generated in the layer that is caused by the coherent superposition of evanescent waves. The strength of the(More)
Non-Gaussian height fluctuations occurring on the fueling time scale of a slowly driven rice pile match those observed in some turbulent/critical phenomena, forming an anticorrelated random fractal process with Hurst exponent H=0.2. Inspired by this observation, the concept of fractional Brownian motion (FBM) is extended to treat stochastic processes with(More)
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