E. J. de Oliveira

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Network reconfiguration aims to minimize network real power loss through rearranging the status of open switches. The consumers of the distribution networks need a better voltage profile for efficient operation of various gadgets. This paper thus attempts to develop a new reconfiguration algorithm with an objective of improving the voltage profile of the(More)
Dragonfly Optimization (DO) is a nature inspired optimization technique that imitates the static and dynamic swarming activities of dragonflies. The static swarm possessing smaller number of dragonflies hunts for preys in a small area, while the dynamic swarm with more number of dragonflies travels over long distances; and they represent the exploration and(More)
This work proposes a time-of-use (ToU) tariff calculation based on Optimal Dynamic Tariff Method (ODTM) for both peak and off-peak periods. The proposed approach is formulated as a non-linear program where Shifted Demand (SD) from peak to off-peak is considered as an optimization variable as well as peak and off-peak tariffs. The proposed model takes into(More)
The study of premixed flames is important to engines and gas turbines applications, using the thermochemical property Laminar Flame Speed. Confined flames were assessed using a spherical stainless steel vessel, equiped with a Schlieren setup and a dynamic pressure transducer. The recorded pressure trace is the input to a FORTRAN code that calculates the(More)
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