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The diagnosis of ischemic cerebral infarction by CT usually is not possible for 12-24 hr after the event. A sign that allows earlier diagnosis is increased density of a cerebral vessel secondary to a thrombus or embolus. We report 19 cases of increased density in a middle cerebral artery or one of its major branches visible on the initial CT scan of(More)
A 68-year-old man who had pain extending down his left arm for 4 weeks was referred to us after neurologic findings consistent with a C-8 radiculopathy were obtained. Magnetic resonance (MR) examination of the cervical spine demonstrated a 1-cm, oval , left lateral extradural mass at the level of C-7. The nerve root exit zone at the C-7-T -1 (C-8 root)(More)
There is some confusion regarding the indications for and methodology of the use of contrast material in cranial computed tomography. Some authors recommend a nonenhanced scan in all cases, followed by an enhanced scan if indicated by the symptoms or the appearance of the unenhanced scan. Others have questioned the value of the nonenhanced scan in patients(More)
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