E-J O'Connell

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The purpose of this investigation was to determine the energy requirement of simulated stair climbing. Metabolic costs of climbing stairs in getting to the scene of a fire can be very demanding for fire personnel. Heart rate and oxygen consumption were measured on 17 fire fighters during each of three conditions: (1) stair climbing without fire-fighting(More)
ACCESSIBLE SUMMARY What is known on the subject? Stress can impact students on mental health nurse training. This can have implications at the individual level (e.g. their own mental health) and at the level of the organization (e.g. sickness absence and attrition). What this paper adds to existing knowledge? We interviewed 12 mental health nursing students(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify procedural components to be used in analogue studies of preparatory techniques for childbirth. The questions asked were (a) which of four laboratory pain stimuli (modified submaximum effort tourniquet technique. Forgione-Barber pain stimulator, cold water stimulus, faradic shock) is most similar to the pain(More)
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