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The spatial and temporal distribution of new and young sea-ice types are of particular interest because of the influence this can etiert on the heat and mass balance of the Polar sea ice packs. The objective of the present work is to characterize the temporal evolution of the electromagnetic signatures of sea ice from initial formation through the(More)
Radiometric measurements of the microwave emissivity of foam were conducted in May 2000 at the Naval Research Laboratory’s Chesapeake Bay Detachment using radiometers operating at 10.8 and 36.5 GHz. Horizontal and vertical polarization measurements were made at 36.5 GHz; horizontal, vertical, +45, 45, left circular, and right circular polarization(More)
The connections between laboratory measurements and remote-sensing observations of sea ice are explored. The focus of this paper is on thin ice, which is more easily simulated in a laboratory environment. We summarize results of C-band scatterometer measurements and discuss how they may help in the interpretation of remote-sensing data. We compare the(More)
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