E J Hunnicutt

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Although cocaine has a fascinating and complex medicinal history in man, its natural function in plants is unknown. The present studies demonstrate that cocaine exerts insecticidal effects at concentrations which occur naturally in coca leaves. Unlike its known action on dopamine reuptake in mammals, cocaine's pesticidal effects are shown to result from a(More)
Octopamine, a putative phenylethylamine neurotransmitter present in the firefly, has been found to be a potent stimulator of cyclic AMP synthesis in the larval light organ. In the same tissue, octopamine causes a small inhibition of phosphodiesterase activity. Because of the relatively simple anatomical relationships present in the larval light organ,(More)
We describe a novel compound, (-)-N-(2-ethoxyphenyl)-N'-(1,2,3-trimethylpropyl)-2-nitroethene-1, 1-diamine), Bay x9227, that demonstrates dose-dependent hyperpolarizing activity of remarkable potency (EC50 3 picomolar) and selectivity for CNS neurons and clonal neurotypic cells compared to smooth muscle cells. Single cell membrane potential measurements(More)
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