E J Hoff

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Levamisole was given orally to 3 groups of dogs, totaling 56 animals. Drug administration period varied from 1 to 120 days. All animals were killed and the central nervous system was examined histologically. Lesions were found in 44 of 56 dogs. These consisted of disseminated perivascular cuffing with mononuclear cells throughout the brain and meninges. The(More)
A young cat had signs of tetraparesis that progressed to tetraplegia within a few weeks. Clinically, there was lower motor neuron disease with areflexia and muscle atrophy in all limbs. Degeneration of the motor neurons in the spinal cord was seen on histological examination. Ultrastructurally, the degeneration of nerve cells was characterized by abnormal(More)
Two young zebra siblings from consecutive pregnancies suffered from neurological disease, characterized by ventral deviation of the neck and tetraparesis which progressed to tetraplegia within a few weeks. On histological examination widespread neuronal degeneration was observed in the ventral horns of the spinal cord and in the lower brain stem.(More)
One of 8 highly inbred Dalmatian pups was born with generalized body tremors, which interfered with the pup's ability to suckle, walk, and maintain sternal recumbency. The pup's head, neck, and limbs oscillated rhythmically when it attempted to perform any motor function. The pup was euthanatized at 8 weeks of age, after it became apparent that the disorder(More)
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